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This page answers your finance-related questions and helps you estimate how much you will spend as a distance student at Texas A&M.


How much can I expect to pay for a course taught by Distance Education?

Unfortunately, there are several variables that make answering the above question less than straightforward. While this page attempts to summarize the costs, we highly recommend that you visit the official Student Business Services page for all the most up-to-date information.

In general, your semester costs can be broken into three categories: tuition + fees + instructional enhancement = course cost.

Step 1: Basic Tuition

See the Student Business Services site for the costs per credit hour for this academic year.

Step 2: University Fees

Every university levies additional fees to cover expenses such as library access, student services, software licensing, etc. By virtue of their off-campus nature, distance students are exempt from some of these fees (such as Health Center fee) but do pay a Distance Education fee. When totaled, distance students can expect to pay approximately an additional $104 per credit hour plus a flat $106 per semester. Lab or field trip fees are not included in these estimates. International students may expect more fees not calculated here. Again, we encourage you to visit the official Student Business Services site to determine the exact cost for your circumstance.

Step 3: Instructional Enhancement / Equipment Access Fee

Finally, each department has the option of levying an instructional enhancement/equipment access fee. To quote the Division of Finance's website: "The fee is used for the purchase and maintenance of equipment, visual aids, other supplemental materials, and educational supplies to provide students with a rich learning environment."

In the case of distance education, you can think of it as a fee to help departments cover the additional overhead associated with delivering classes at a distance.

Some departments may levy fees up to $1,500 or more per class, while others charge no fee at all. The Division of Finance keeps a chart detailing potential fees. We encourage you to contact the department in question to determine the exact amount of instructional enhancement / equipment access fee to expect. The Office of Distance Education has collected information (in the chart below) on actual fees being charged by departments, but this information could change at any time and may not apply to every course in the program. Always consult the progam's academic advisor for the most up to date information.

Program Fee (per course)
Ed.D.--Agricultural Education (Doc @ Distance) $240
Master of Agriculture
- Poultry Science
M.Ed. or M.S. -- Educational Administration
M.S.--Educational Human Resource Development $250
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction $300
M.Ed.--Educational Technology $230
M.S.--Math varies $150-$300
M.S.--Engineering Systems Management
Master of Engineering--Industrial Engineering
Master of Industrial Distribution $1,500
Master of Engineering--Petroleum Engineering $1,500
Certificate in Statistics $100

Certificate in Advanced International Affairs



Can I drop a class and get a refund?

A student may drop courses during the first four days of a fall or spring semester. Students also may drop classes with special permission of the dean between the 6th and 12th class days. Please consult with your advisor regarding courses to be dropped. You do not have to come to campus to drop a course. See the Student Business Services' information about Payment/Refunds and the Aggie Answers FAQs for detailed information on how refunds are conducted.

Do I qualify for financial aid?

Texas A&M distance students qualify for much of the same financial aid as on-campus students. Visit the Department of Finanical Aid for information on financial aid opportunities.

Can I use my GI Bill or other military education benefits?

You can use GI Bill or other military education benefits to pay for your distance education at Texas A&M. Student Financial Aid has a Veterans information page with links to required forms.

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