Student Services

Student Assistance Services
SAS assist students who may need extra support by providing a central launching pad to connect them with the appropriate guidance, services, and resources available at Texas A&M University. SAS is a starting point of contact for information or questions about a variety of topics, including:
• Referrals for personal and academic assistance
• Concerning behavior follow-up
• Student Absence Notifications
• Student death
• Sexual Violence Response
• Consultation regarding withdrawal from school

Counseling & Psychological Services
Mental Health issues do not discriminate based on gender, income, or ethnicity. All of us are subject to the pressures and stress of modern living and sometimes those stressors can lead to depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts. If you have issues that you believe would be helped by speaking to a counselor, please do not hesitate to utilize one of the resources below.
Students in Texas may visit for additional mental health resources. Deer Oaks Student Assistance Program can assist distance education students with finding their local mental health services.

Counseling & Psychological Services operates the HelpLine, a telephone crisis line which provides information, referral, support, and crisis assessment and intervention for A&M students and those concerned about A&M students. The HelpLine is typically available from 4 pm to 8 am weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends when the University is in session. HelpLine can be accessed by calling 979-845-2700 or visiting
Counseling & Psychological Services also provides online suicide prevention and assists students in finding services in their local community that best fit their needs and preferences. For additional information, please visit

Disability Resources
Offers accommodations coordination, evaluation referral, disability-related information, assistive technology services, sign language interpreting and transcription services for academically related purposes. 

Students who are seeking an academic accommodation related to a disability, will need to provide documentation of that disability to Disability Resources. This documentation must be supplied by a qualified professional who is licensed or certified to diagnose the disability in question. An appointment must be scheduled with an Access Coordinator (AC) in the Department of Disability Resources to discuss potential need for services and to gather resource and referral information.

Disability Resources can provide resources and referral information about other disability services.

International Student & Scholar Services
The Texas A&M University student population is comprised of a diverse group of students that includes more than 6,000 international students from nearly 130 nations. International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) administers a wide variety of services to the international community of Texas A&M. The mission of ISSS is to facilitate international students’ admittance to the United States, to assist international students’ transition to life in the United States and at Texas A&M, to promote interactions between the U.S. and international populations, and to provide services necessary to meet the special needs of international students.

Multicultural Services
Texas A&M University has placed the value of diversity at its core and embarked on a Diversity Plan designed to enhance accountability, climate, and equity. The Department of Multicultural Services facilitates steady progress toward institutional diversity goals of greater inclusion and academic excellence by addressing climate. The department has a mission to provide multiple educational and developmental services for underrepresented populations and diversity education programs that foster inclusive learning environments for all students. The purpose of the department is to 1) support, advocate for and challenge underrepresented students as they transition, work through the impact of identity development, and are confronted with challenges to their perspectives and 2) educate students and student groups about difference through sensitivity, cultural competence, and inclusive leadership training.

Ombuds Services
The Ombuds Officer serves as an informal, neutral and confidential resource for graduate students to discuss questions and concerns related to their graduate experience. The university is a large and complex institution and graduate students often play multiple roles (e.g., student, research collaborator, instructor, technician, peer). Misunderstandings and conflicts can arise in any one of these roles. Having a safe, off-the-record conversation with an Ombuds Officer can be a first step if you do not know where to turn. The Ombuds Officer is here to help graduate students identify options for addressing concerns and will promote a fair and impartial process for all parties involved.

Student Activities
Texas A&M has more than 1200 student organizations recognized by the Department of Student Activities.  The Student Activities office oversees the recognition and risk management of student organizations and their activities, and provides valuable education, consultation, and partnerships that help recognized student organizations be successful.

Student Affairs
At Texas A&M University, learning extends beyond the classroom.  Whether you are taking classes on campus or located around the world, you will have the opportunity to participate in some of the programs and services offered by the Division of Student Affairs.   Given the unique circumstances of all of our students, we encourage students to call and consult with staff in order to direct them to the most appropriate service or resource.

Student Life
Student Life provides information, services, programs and involvement opportunities that facilitate responsible life choices and promote awareness of yourself and of your community. support and referrals women’s programs. It provides resources and support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Aggies and their straight supporters.

It also provides access to a Student Legal Services attorney who is licensed by the Texas Bar Association and is a Texas A&M professional staff member.  The attorney is available to all enrolled Texas A&M students for personal phone meetings and consultations.

The ODSL is the official contact for filing a discrimination complaints (including Title IX complaints) where a TAMU student is the respondent.  Staff in the office can also help refer students to the appropriate official contact when the respondent is a TAMU faculty member, staff, or third-party.

Handles student conduct issues involving those students enrolled in one or more Texas A&M University course.  The TAMU Student Conduct Code & associated grievance processes (SR 47, 51, 58, and 62), associated processes, process rules and guidelines, and appeals are in effect for students enrolled in at least one Texas A&M University class.

Veteran Resource and Support Center
Enhances the university's "military friendly" legacy by identifying, developing, and providing veteran-specific resources and programs.

The VRSC assists veterans: Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard personnel; as well as military dependents, survivors, and family members. It also provides veteran-specific information about educational resources, student veteran organizations, and community resources.

Military Education Benefits
The Veteran Services Office (VSO) is available to help veterans and their dependents maximize their college funding at Texas A&M University. Over 3,800 students which includes National Guard, Reservist, Active Duty, Veterans and children or spouses of those who have served or currently serving in the military currently receive veterans’ educational benefits at our institution.

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