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Distance Education Degrees or Distance Education Certificate programs are defined as a program in which a student may complete more than one-half of the semester credit hours required for the program through a combination of distance education courses.


Texas A&M University defines distance education courses as a course in which the majority of the instruction (interaction between students and instructors and among students) occurs when students and instructors are not in the same physical setting.

Search for DE Courses

To view distance education courses, click here. First, select the applicable term. Courses are subject to change each semester. Once the term is selected, choose the appropriate subject for your program and the "Distance Education" Attribute Type. Then choose, "Class Search" at the bottom. All available classes will appear.



Before registering for classes, students MUST update their location in Howdy under the My Record/Registration tab.  The location selected should indicate where you intend to physically reside for the semester. Any student registering for a distance education course must indicate their location to ensure correct billing and comply with other state and federal rules.

Web-based Off Campus (700-level Section Numbers)

  • Distance education differential tuition is charged, and is charged to all enrolled students regardless of whether the student is a distance education student or an on-campus student.
  • On-campus service fees are waived.

Web-based On Campus (590-599 or 690-699 Section Numbers)

  • Intended for on-campus students. Tuition and fee assessment is consistent with traditionally delivered on-campus courses.
  • On-campus service fees are charged regardless of physical location.

Special Fee Notification If enrolling in distance education courses, you may be required to pay additional fees for online exam proctoring services. Please refer to section notes, accessible by following CRN links in the schedule of classes for more information.

How to register

Admitted students will be able to register during the time assigned on their registration ticket. Log in to the Howdy portal and access the My Record menu. In the Registration channel, select the Add or Drop classes link, and select a term from the drop down menu. You will be prompted to agree to the terms of use statement. Next you will verify your current physical information. Submit and proceed to class schedule.

Howdy displays an Add Classes worksheet here. To access the schedule of classes, choose Class Search. Choose the class you are looking for and mark the check box in the Select column of the section you would like to take and Add to Worksheet. Repeat the process to add additional classes.


For more information and a breakdown of fees required regarding Distance Education and Nontraditional Course Offerings, please visit Catalog or Student Business Services to view the Differential Tuition for different departments.

For an estimate per credit hour, the Tuition Calculator is available. Please note that this is an estimate and is subject to change per department.

Scholarships and Financial Aid are available to Distance Education students. Please visit SFAID for more information.

Student Grievances

Have a complaint? Find out more about submitting a student grievance.

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